In February of 1983, Bill and Lyle Bellerdine founded The Bellerdine Investigative Agency with the intent of picking up a little extra work to supplement their income. Utilizing the skills they obtained in the ten years they spent with the Dade County Sheriff’s Department (Miami, Florida), they were able to establish a few clients and work approximately 75 cases that first year.  Since then, the Bellerdine brothers had succeeded in growing their business each year, currently handling over 4,000 cases per year. The secret to their success has been hard work, honesty, and attention to detail.  To each of their clients, they have proven to be a dedicated and professional organization capable of delivering desired results.

The Bellerdine brothers, born and raised in Auburn, New York, started a career in law enforcement.  They soon ended up as police officers with the Dade County Public Safety Department. During the years with Dade County, they rose through the ranks: Lyle, attaining the rank of Lieutenant in command of over 70 police officer personnel and Bill, a lead Homicide Investigator. They both learned quickly and thoroughly the techniques needed for successful investigations by being thrust into a highly volatile crime ridden environment.

Extensive schooling and hard experience became the building blocks of their careers. In 1981 both Lyle and Bill returned to their home town of Auburn. It was at that time that they began discussing ways to put their vast knowledge and experience to work for themselves, and thus began The Bellerdine Investigative Agency.